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Before School

At Kamboosh we believe in the importance of a healthy breakfast to start off the day. Skipping breakfast has been show to cause a range of health problems for children, contributing to poor academic performance and even contributing to behavioural problems at school!

Therefore, we provide kids with a range of low sugar cereal options (VitaBrits, porridge, oats etc.) which can be enjoyed with regular, soy or rice milk. We also provide yogurt, wholemeal toast and English muffins with Vegemite and honey.

But it can get a bit boring having the same breakfast every day, so to add a little variety Thursdays are pancake-day at Kamboosh, we offer both buttermilk and gluten-free pancakes, served with maple syrup, sugar and banana. Regular breakfast is available if requested.

After School

Afternoon tea at Kamboosh involves a platter of seasonal fruit and veg, followed by a nutritious and delicious snack. Working with the Kambora Canteen, we provide a wonderful range of nutritious and tempting options for afternoon tea. This is a rolling menu which includes options such as cut up vegetables with hummus dip, homemade low-sugar slices and banana breads, healthy nachos, vegetable fritatas etc.

Sushi Fridays are also sure to be a big hit and the children are able to sample the great fresh sushi, sourced by the Canteen.

For children with dietary requirements we work with parents to make sure their needs are catered for and they have an alternative to look forward to.

Good hygiene is very important to us, and staff follow our rigorous food handling guidelines set out in our policies and procedures guidelines, we also ensure that every child thoroughly washes their hands prior to eating, to remove the day's grime.


Enrolling and Booking

Enrolling and booking is easy. We use the My Family Lounge parent portal to allow you to complete all enrolment formalities and booking requests online. We are currently accepting enrolments for 2019. Please click on the link to access our BOOK/ENROL screen.



Kamboosh is a fully accredited Before and After School Care facility, approved for payment of the Child Care Subsidy for eligible families. We are located within the grounds of Kambora Public School and accept children of Primary School age.

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