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Lyndal Johnson

- Coordinator / Nominated Supervisor -


Robbie Bakhuys

- Educational Leader / Certified Supervisor -


Jaeson Darley

- Team Leader / Certified Supervisor -

"So... Once upon a time I decided to get my drivers license..." - An excerpt from the driving story.

Jason Flannery

- Senior Educator / Certified Supervisor -


Elise Marnoch

- Senior Educator / Certified Supervisor -


Emma Radcliff

- Senior Educator -


Jilly Anderson

- Senior Educator -


Imogen Dawson

- Educator -


Zak Dawson

- Educator -


Ryan Loduwick

- Educator -


Enrolling and Booking

Enrolling and booking is easy. We use the My Family Lounge parent portal to allow you to complete all enrolment formalities and booking requests online. We are currently accepting enrolments for 2019. Please click on the link to access our BOOK/ENROL screen.



Kamboosh is a fully accredited Before and After School Care facility, approved for payment of the Child Care Subsidy for eligible families. We are located within the grounds of Kambora Public School and accept children of Primary School age.

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37 Woolrych Crescent

Davidson 2085


(02) 9451 5197

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Give us a call at 9451 5197 or send us an email at [email protected]

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